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Cautionary Tales For Children
Wonderful witty poems great for reading to your children. The stories and rhymes will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Research has shown how important YOU are to your children and how as a dad the things you do, and keep on doing, really count, whether you live with them, or you are a single dad and are only able see them once a month, once a week or more, what you do really matters. This site is dedicated to all dads but will be of special relevance to the single dad. Remember, you are half the reason your children exist and they need you whether you live with them or not. As their dad, you have what it takes to make their lives successful and fulfilling no matter how often you see them. This site is about all the positive things that we as parents have to offer our children.
Daze card game
A great card game you can play it with 2 to 4 players (although it can be varied slightly for more players). Suitable for ages 7 to Adult.

The rules look complicated but there arenít really and the game can be by a range of ages together, which is good if your kids are spread over the years, because teenagers and adults can enjoy this game at the same time as younger children.
. . . The aim of Daze is to get rid of all your cards (called Ďgoing outí). The first person to do so is the winner and the game ends at that point. The game is played with a normal pack of playing cards (however if you have an old deck and one or two are missing it doesnít really mater). Below youíll find some images to help with the dealing out to make starting as easy as possible.

Rules and game play

how to play daze a card game for 4 - 6

Deal four cards to each person face down so that no one can see what was dealt, arrange them as shown in the picture (shown for four players) so that four cards are in a row in front of each player.

how to play daze a card game for 4 - 6

Now deal four cards face up for each person, so that everyone can see what cards have been dealt, laying them on top of the face down cards.

how to play daze a card game for 4 - 6

Now deal four cards to each person for them to hold in their hand so that only they can see them, and put the remaining cards face down, in a pile, in the middle of the table. These cards are called the deck. There wonít be many cards left to put in the deck.

how to play daze a card game for 4 - 6

Before you start playing each person may exchange any of their hand held cards for any of the cards face up in front of them. The reason and importance of this may become clear as you read the rest of the rules, but you will completely understand how this affects the end of the game once you have played it a couple of times.
. . .Here I am swapping the 10 in my hand for the 4 on the table. You donít want to leave your hand too badly off, but on the other hand you want the table cards to be as good as possible (high or wild) so that you have a better chance of finishing when you run out of cards in your hand.

how to play daze a card game for 4 - 6

When all the exchanges have been done you are ready to start playing Daze.

Playing the game

Each person takes it in turn to discard a single card (i.e. lay one card in the middle face up next to the spare face down pile), and while there are still cards in the spare pile they also must pick up a replacement.
. . . Here I have taken the first turn and laid a 4 to start the game off and picked up a 5 from the deck, so that I still have four cards.
. . .Now each person takes it in turn to throw away a card and pick up (so long as there is a deck to pick up from), however there are some important rules to what you can and canít put on the discard pile.
. . . The card you discard must be the same or any higher number in value than the one the last person discarded. If you canít lay a higher card (or one of the wild cards, see below) then you must pick up the whole pile of discarded cards and play using them in your hand.

Wild cards

When laying cards aces are high, and there are three wild cards, the 2, the 7 and the 10 and when laid they each have a different effect. This is the fun of the game, because the wild cards, make a big difference to you winning or losing, so collecting them and using them strategically is important to the game.Wild cards can be placed on any previous card regardless of its value with the following effects:

  • Placing a 2 on the discard pile restarts the pack from 2 and the next person only has to lay a 2 or higher to complete their go.
  • Placing a 7 on the discard pile mimics the value of the last card laid and the next person must either play a card of the same or higher value than the card under the 7, or lay another wild card. If more than one seven is laid on top of each other then the value of the card is taken as the last non 7 that was laid.
  • Placing a 10 on the discard pile clears the pile, and the whole pile is put to one side and takes no further part in the game.

Laying more than one card at a time

If you want , you can lay more than one card of the same value at the same time in one go.
. . . If you lay four of the same card or lay one two or three cards on top of the discard pile so as to make four of the same value on the discard pile in one unbroken round, then the pile is cleared to the side and is no longer part of the game AND you get another turn to lay any card (or cards of same number), of any value you like.

When you have no more cards in your hand

When you have no more cards in your hand you can start discarding the face up cards in front of you, although if you have to pick up the discard pile at some point you must again clear your hand before you can begin discarding cards on the table again.
. . . Once you have discarded all of your face up cards you may start discarding your face down cards, but you canít look at them before hand, you just have to take pot luck. Again, if you have to pick up the pack, then you must first clear your hand before starting to discard your face down cards again.
. . . The person that gets rid of all their face down cards first is the winner.


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Playing & doing stuff
Playing games is a very important part of being a child. Through game playing children learn about strategy, the joy of winning, how to cope with losing, negotiation techniques and how to notice and understand a whole range of social cues, all of which will significantly improve the way they get along with people as they grow up. Playing games also develops the imagination. When kids play a game together they build a whole story round their game, each person has a character, a purpose and motives, all playing out their parts in the rich landscape of their imaginations.

research has shown that degree and quality of playtime a child has with its father is a vital factor in determining the growing childís sense of self-worth and confidence

Almost anything you do with your kids can and should be partly game (think of Mary Poppins finding fun in every chore), but it is important to set time aside for your kids when you are just playing with them for the sake of playing, rather than instructing them or caring for them. When you play together you enter their world and understand so much more about them and how they think, and you give them your undivided attention, some of the highest quality time your child can get. Scientific research studies have repeatedly shown that the degree and quality of playtime a child has with its father is a vital factor in determining the growing childís sense of self-worth and confidence.

Having your children's friends round for tea

You donít need to wait for a special occasion party to organise some games or activities. Having friends over for tea or the afternoon at the weekend is an important part of your childrenís social life. They wonít need much encouragement to invite their friends over to your house. Theyíll be proud to show off their other home and proud to show off their dad and the fun things that you do together. At times like these it is good to have a few games or Doing Activities ready to go, instead of letting them play on the games console all afternoon. You could plan to do one of the Making projects, (there are some that only need a piece of paper) or you could try out one of the party games in this section as an activity. Youíll find some great games in the Childrenís Parties page like the Egyptian Mummy game or the Treasure Hunt, either of which are perfect for when your kid has his or her friends over for tea.

Or maybe it's just time to put your feet up and relax together

When youíre all done and you all just want to put your feet up and cuddle up on the sofa, then watching a great film with your kids or reading a lovely story to them is a wonderful way to spend time together. We hope you'll find find our weekly review of films and books useful in finding a good film or book to curl up with.

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